year Development/Sales Model customer Cumulative supply quantity business information
2021 ~ today 800V 22kW Bidirectional OBC Dongyang E&P/Hyundai Mobis 3sets Single-phase, three-phase, high-voltage, high-efficiency OBC
2020 ~ 2022 Competitive Vehicle CAN Signal Analysis Acquisition Hyundai Motor 1sets Electric vehicle battery CAN signal analysis
2018 ~ 2020 6.6kW OBC / 1.5kW LDC AM Special Features/Korea Three Axes 20sets 1 ton porter / for modified electric vehicles
2017~ 2019 Electric vehicle OBC/LDC development CAMMSYS 10sets Taxi modified electric car charging
2017 ~ 2019 Development of Open App Platform Renault Samsung Motors Research Center 50copy For active e-call services
2016 ~ today CAN DB creator Hyundai Motor 10copy CAN DB extraction S/W development
2016 ~ 2018 OBC / Dc-Dc converter Development Hyundai Mobis 30ea Prior development board design and production
2016 ~ today OBD Pico National Police Agency (Neo Information System) 6,000ea For scoring at the driver's license test center
2015 ~ 2019 CAN DB Monitoring Automobile Parts Research Institute 6,100ea For vehicle information collection and management
2014 ~ 2019 COBD Dongle VID740wifi Renault Samsung Motors 1,000ea OEM vehicle information collection device
2013 ~ today OBD Pico netKT / QRontek / Kernel Eye 30,000ea Integrated DTG/ black box linkage
2012 Vehicle information collection group VID740, 740BT SK M&C , SK Planet 7,000ea Mobilsync, China Telecom향
2011 Acquisition of car-free day system certification Insurance Development Institute Car-day system terminal G-on
2010 TPMS RF noise analyzer development Hyundai Motor Research Center 10ea TPMS noise analysis equipment
2008 Vehicle ECU Simulator Development Hyundai Mobis R&D Center 10ea Vehicle ECU Simulator Development
2007 ~ 2018 Diesel vehicle exhaust reduction device DPF Hyundai Mobis R&D Center 60,000ea DPF OBD development and sales
2005 Data Acquisition system Mando Central Research Institute 100ea CAN data extraction and storage/analysis
2004 ~2010 Development of fingerprint recognition access controller Domestic Sales and Overseas Exports 5,000ea Developed and exported MP4500